“This timeless, mild, beguiling island of a town…

…with its seven public houses, one chapel in action, one church, one factory, two billiard tables, one St. Bernard (without brandy), one policeman, three rivers, a visiting sea, one Rolls-Royce selling fish and chips, one cannon (cast-iron), one chancellor (flesh and blood), one portreeve, one Danny Raye, and a multitude of mixed birds, here we just are, and there is nowhere like it anywhere at all. - Dylan Thomas.

It’s pretty much impossible to discuss Laugharne without mentioning Dylan Thomas, who lived here and set his best loved work, Under Milk Wood, in a fictional version of here.

And, furthermore, his description remains pretty much true today (though it’s odd that he doesn’t mention the castle that’s right slap bang in the middle of town).

Laugharne  is  the  end  of  a  road  to  nowhere

It’s just five miles off a beaten track, but somewhere in the course of those five miles you cross over into not just another era but another dimension: there is, as Dylan says, “nowhere like it anywhere at all.”

That doesn’t mean you can’t find out what it looks like, and what there is to do and see, both here and in the surrounding area. There are plenty of websites that will help you out with this.

For starters you could try reading what the BBC has to say about Dylan Thomas and what Laugharne has to say about itself.

Laugharne’s  Literary  History

Read our guide, exclusively written for us by noted Dylan Thomas expert, biographer and proprietor of the excellent Corran Books, Mr George Tremlett. It’s online here

Do  It  Yourself

But after that, if I were you, I’d forget the research – it’s the worst thing about the internet, the way it sucks all the surprise out of the world – and just come and see for yourself.